Tips to Prepare for Garage Yard Sale Before Packing & Moving Long Distance in Paradise, NV

If you are preparing to move you may have already started going through your home to evaluate your belongings. Some items simply are not worth moving. You may find that there are items in your home that you forgot you even had. You may find items that used to be used all of the time but your family has outgrown them. You may find items that were sentimental at one point but just are not really anymore. You may have items that you do not have a need for in your new home. If you find lots of items that you do not think you will be moving you may be considering have a garage sale. Garage sales are an excellent way to make a little bit of extra cash from the stuff that you just do not need anymore.

Prepare for a Yard Sale

The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you go through all of the areas in your home looking for items that would be perfect for your yard sale. Do not leave any corner untouched! Go through bedrooms, dressers, closets, bins, attics, basements, and garages. Once you have gone through everything and know what you are going to sell then you want to organize into piles. Sort your piles wisely. You want your customers to be able to come up and look at all of the kitchen items in one spot. If you have your kitchen items in five different spots you are not as likely to sell them.

Set Up a Date for Garage Sale

Once you have organized all of your stuff you will want to pick a date for your garage sale. Some people actually like to start with this step because it motivates them to go through their house. Holiday weekends are not normally great weekends to have a garage sale so make sure you take note of the calendar. You may want to invite other families to join you for your garage sale. The more items that you have for sale the more that you will end up selling. Some homeowners associations organize community garage sales. These are a great way to get a lot of people to your house the day of your sale.

Advertise Garage Sale

You will want to make sure that people know about your garage sale. Many times people do not market their garage sale well enough. You will want to post pictures of your items on social media if you have it. You never know what friends of yours may want to purchase. You will also want to make posters that are extremely clear. Make sure that the arrows are large and frequent so that people do not get lost. Your garage sale will do better if people can easily follow your signs. Many people attach a balloon to each poster or arrow that they put up to make the path easier for people to follow.

Cleaning Items for Garage Sale

When you place your items out the day of the sale make sure that you try and have it look as attractive as possible. Clean off your items before the day arrives so that they are looking fresh and clean when people look at them. You may want to keep an extension cord and batteries handy so that people can test out items before they purchase them to ensure that they work properly.

Pricing Items for Garage Sale

Pricing can be an interesting piece of your garage sale preparation. Some people will carefully label each item with a price while others prefer to verbally give prices. Just make sure that you do not price your items too high. Everyone is out there looking for a bargain. Just because you paid $400 for an item does not mean that someone wants to buy it from you used for $300. Remember that whatever you do not sell you are getting rid of anyways and price your items accordingly. You may want to offer bulk discounts on items that you have lots of. Many times clothes and books will be cheaper if you buy a larger amount of them.

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Once you are ready to go we hope that you have an extremely successful garage sale! After you have narrowed your home down to the items that you are moving with you Sky Van Lines Moving can come and help you pack and move them to your new out of state or cross country home. Give us a call today!