Tips for Office & Commercial Packing, Moving & Relocation; Create a Move Timeline & Checklist, Notify Change of Shipping Address & More!

When a company plans to relocate, that usually means it is expanding or it is at the end of its current lease and interested in changing location. When a company begins to grow, more office space is often needed to accommodate more employees, more equipment and more products. Expansion is a great thing, but it can also become a burden if you are not properly prepared to relocate your business. Many business owners fail to consider the many steps it takes to successfully relocate without any hiccups or bumps in the road. When relocating your business, consider hiring Sky Van Lines to assist you with your move and provide a smooth transition for you and your employees.

Create a Moving Timeline & Packing Checklist

If you have come to the solid conclusion that you are in fact moving your business location, it is time to coordinate your move and be efficient as possible with time. Think about everything that resides inside of your current office; couches, desks, computer equipment, files and so on. All of these items require time to properly pack and move to the new office location. Consider the current situation of your businesses’ office to see how you would like the new office laid out. Make sure your employees are informed at least four to six months before the permanent changes are made so they know what to expect and their responsibilities when it comes to moving into the new office.

How Soon to Change Address When Moving & Who to Notify

The last thing you want to happen is to be missing any important necessities when you arrive at your new office, so inform your vendors well in advance so they can make the proper adjustments as to your new shipping and billing address. If your new office will require new furniture or new signage, do not wait to order it until you are moved into the new location, but order it now, so it is ready to go when you move in. Also take the time to update your website, your company letterhead and all business cards with the new location address. What you do not want to happen is have your employees spend a week or so at the new office trying to get organized and settled in when they should really be focused on getting their work done. When you hire Sky Van Lines to assist you in your commercial move, you will lighten your load and be able to make a smooth transition to your new office location.

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