Should I Sell My Furniture or Move It when Moving Long Distance in Winchester, NV? How to Wrap for Storage & More

One option to consider is storing your furniture in a storage unit or pod if you haven’t found a new place to live on the other end of your move. It can be very convenient when you’re not quite ready to move into a new home since this may require hiring movers for your furniture on two separate occasions. There are many tips to packing a storage unit properly that will save you all kinds of time and, potentially, heartache, later, similarly, to loading a moving truck. We at Sky Van Lines Moving would like to share these tips today.

Should I Sell My Furniture or Move It?

Check your options, if you are looking into storage units, make sure it clean, climate-controlled, airtight, and it can be protected from the elements and unsavory characters. You want to make sure your furniture will be safe for as long as it’s in the unit since moisture is the enemy of almost all types of materials, such as fabric, leather, and wood. You might be better off selling the furniture instead of putting it in storage, if you can’t be certain the furniture will stand up to the time in the unit.

Clean Furniture Before Storing

Receiving your belongings back months after your move, and discovering they’re sticky, greasy, or stained can be unfortunate and a pain to deal with. Ensuring your items are properly cleaned is essential. Use a wood cleaner like Murphy Oil Soap to protect the finish on the wood, clean fabric items like couches or seat cushions with upholstery cleaner and polish any metal sections with a metal cleaner to prevent tarnishing.

How to Wrap Furniture for Long Term Storage

When people are loading a storage unit and don’t bother to wrap their furniture properly, many are in a rush. In the event moisture problems occur, you want to make sure everything is well-wrapped. Cover the pieces and protect them from dust and moisture with blankets, sheets, drop cloths, or furniture blankets. Avoid wrapping too tightly.

Glass Needs Extra Protection

The contents can easily shift while being transported and stored in a pod, causing glass to break from mirrors, art, and other glass furnishings among other damage can occur. The simple act of packing the space might be enough to destroy delicate pieces that haven’t been wrapped properly for furniture headed to storage. Wrap the glass with packing paper, don’t use tape directly on the glass, and then the glass in bubble wrap or put the entire item into a long box for added security.

Don’t Overload Storage Capacity

Do not try to cram too much stuff into your storage unit. Shoving too much will likely cause things to become damage. Take time to organize and plan in case you need to retrieve items along the way, make sure there is always an aisle to access the back and sides of your unit.

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We understand this all sounds so exhausting. Thankfully, you have a knowledgeable, dependable, and capable professional assistance to help you make storing and moving easier and more efficient. In addition to offering moving services, Sky Van Lines Moving provides storage options as well. Call us today for your long-distance moving needs.

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