Packing Service for Moving Your House or Business Long Distance

Sky Van Lines proudly offers a variety of moving services to the locals of the Las Vegas, Nevada area. With over 30 years experience, Sky Van Lines has become the industry-leading moving company, providing extraordinary services to commercial businesses and residential homes. We are fully licensed and insured to offer a high quality experience by upholding a high moral standard, friendly customer service, and superb execution on services rendered. In addition to our local and long distance moving services, we are delighted to offer an expert packing service.

Packing Boxes & Packaging Materials

Residential homes and commercial businesses have enough to do when they are transitioning to a new location, particularly over long distances. Packing is one of the most time consuming and strenuous aspects of moving. Having a trusted and affordable professional highly trained and experienced is truly a priceless benefit. Sky Van Lines possess such attributes and is eager to alleviate the burden of packing for our valued customers. Sky Van Lines utilizes exclusive professional grade products to ensure all items packed by our experts are well protected for delivery to your new location. Dish Pack Boxes, Book Boxes, Medium Boxes, Large Boxes, TV Boxes, Wardrobe Boxes, Mirror or Picture Boxes, Mattress Protection, Tape, Packing/ Wrapping Paper, Paper Pads, Shrink Wrap, Bubble Wrap, Corrugated, Moving Blankets, and crates crates are the materials we use to pack up your home or business.

Residential Packing of Your House, Condo or Apartment

Residential homes including apartments of any size, condos, and houses can use a professional to help with the packing or do it all, especially for most New York residents leading a fast-paced life style. To aid in this task, trained experts from Sky Van Lines will pack the contents of your home accordingly. Generally, our packing may include, but is not limited to the following:
Crating Large Items and Furniture: Large items and furniture will be wrapped in our premium quality products that offer padding for the highest protection possible during the move. As we complete the packing we will identify items requiring such protection, for example: dressers, tables, chairs, bookcases, coffee tables, end tables and all wood or metal pieces. Each item is carefully wrapped accordingly to ensure their delivery. Custom crating is also available.
Packing Fragile China and Stemware: China and Stemware are packed using only double-thick china packing boxes and are wrapped with wrapping paper and/or bubble wrap. Sky Van Lines professionals understand the delicate nature or fragile and valued China and glassware can be, keeping this mind, we respectfully and reverently wrap each piece with care.
Boxing Plates and Saucers: Plates and Saucers are carefully wrapped individually with durable wrapping materials as they are packed in the most optimal box, standing upright or laying down with plenty of padding in between to avoid the risk of damage during loading, unloading, and transit.
Packing Bowls: Bowls are suitably wrapped individually and then carefully stacked together from 2 to 6 pieces, wrapped again to be packed standing upright in the best selected box.
Cups & Glassware Packing: Cups and Glassware are encased by the handles in paper or bubble wrap, then they are wrapped in their entirety before being packed in boxes with the handles perfectly lined up for additional safety during packing and unpacking and transporting.
Boxing Books: Books are expertly filed in boxes accordingly to ensure maximum moving efficiency.
Packaging Pots & Pans: Pots and Pans are packed using large boxes stacking these items together with packing paper inserts.
Packing Lamps & Lampshades: When packing lamps and lampshades, Sky Van Lines carefully removes the shades as well as the bulbs and boxes them with the appropriate means of padding. Lampshades are wrapped lightly in paper, neatly nested one inside the other and are generally packed up in separate boxes.
Transporting Electronic Equipment: Electronic Equipment is multi-wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a dedicated box or crate.
Painting, Mirrors & Glass: Sky Van Lines experts wrap pictures, using bubble-wrap for extra protection in addition we take your valuables that are in need of professional crating and custom crate unique shapes and sizes to ensure their safe delivery.

Commercial Packing for Your Office or Business

Commercial business packing is really no different than our residential packing. Fragile items are carefully wrapped, boxed or crated to offer superior protection for your long distance move to or from the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area. Call Sky Van Lines today for your commercial or residential packing service!

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