Moving Dictionary Glossary & Meaning of Terms

When you hire a moving company to come and help you move we may start to use words and phrases that you just don’t understand. There are a lot of things that we will talk about that has to do with your belongings and the actual move that you really should know about. To better understand and learn about your upcoming move you should learn some of these.

Sky Van Lines List Terms that Movers Commonly Use When Moving!

Moving Agent: If there is another moving company that is in a state that you are traveling through and they are working with the mover you hired they are called an agent. They are able to work on the move in behalf of the moving company that you hired if needed.
Bill Of Landing: When you receive a paper to allow the moving company to pack up and load your belongings on their truck you are signing a bill of landing. If you are hiring a moving company to come and move for you, we are going to require this to be signed.
Moving Company Carrier: A carrier is a moving company that is registered with the local department of transportation to move goods whether it is local or long distance.
Insurance Claim: If you have your belongings moved by a company and for some reason there is a problem with something lost or stolen you will be filing a claim. The claim will allow the company to contact their insurance company to replace the items.
CP (Carrier Packed): There are some moving companies that will also come in your home and pack your belongings for you. CP means carrier packed which means that the moving company was the one that packed the box and labeled. The packing will be put on a list and inventoried.
DOT (Department of Transportation): The DOT is the Department Of Transportation which is a federal agency that works with many companies. This will include the movers that you would hire to move your home or office long distance.
Loading: Loading is a term that means the items that have been packaged, wrapped or boxed and put on the truck or van. Your mover will set up a time to come to your home and put all your stuff on the back of the moving vehicle.
PBO (Packaged by Owner): If you have a box that is labeled with a PBO it means that it was packed by owner. The way that the belongings were packed are not liable by the moving company. They have to label them so that they know who is responsible for the packaging.
Valuation: When you are hiring a company to move your stuff to a new home you are going to need to give some valuation to the items that you have. This valuation is provided by the owner so that the mover can fill out their paperwork to insure that belongings.

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