Military DItY PPM (Personally Procured Move) as Opposed to PCS (Permanent Change of Station) Moving Services

Sky Van Lines has been helping the commercial and residential locals of Las Vegas, Nevada make their long distance move for years. Our dedication to treating our customers like family with traditional values and superior services has always been our goal. With our crew having the expertise and skills to assist you from the most minimal services to the maximum services we offer, we are ready to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

PCS – Permanent Change of Station

Sky Van Lines has assisted many families in years past make their long distance move, many of which are military families. Originally, military families had but one option to make their move, which is known as PCS or Permanent Change of Station. This procedure is when it came time for military member to move the military planned your move and transferred your personal items to the new location that you have been stationed at. But now, military personnel have another option and that is with Personally Procured Move or PPM.

PPM – Personally Procured Move

Sky Van Lines is happy to assist military families with their move, with the option of a Personally Procured Move. Military families know all too well how often moving is required of them, and with PPM, you have a little more control of how the arrangements are made. Sky Van Lines offers the military members with our PPM service to help your long distance move be less stressful

Benefits of a DItY PPM

Sky Van Lines can help the military with their PPM option, which is when you have received your orders to move and it is on you to take full responsibility to make all the arrangements to get your personal household treasures scheduled and moved. When choosing to take on the PPM, it is up to you find a new place to live along with finding the right schools and other daily needs. The PPM or Personally Procured Move can allow you to move your way. For many, this is the most favorable option, as it comes with many benefits, especially for families that want to keep more personal belongings and not have to get sell or donate their sentimental and accrued valuables. This option benefits families to help them save some money since they can shop around and get a great price on their specific moving requirements with Sky Van Lines of Las Vegas. An additional benefit in opting for this service is that you are working with Sky Van Lines; and through our efforts, we can work around your timeline and schedule instead of the other way around like with a PCS move. The military member will get time off to make sure that they are able to get the move done and located to the new place in order to start back at work quickly.

Military DItY PPM (Personally Procured Move) as Opposed to PCS (Permanent Change of Service) Moving in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, North LV & Boulder City, Nevada

Another advantage is that PPM saves you money with Sky Van Lines of Las Vegas on your long distance move. For example, when the military family member has to make move based on orders from the government they are given a sum amount to move. That amount given is based on the funds that the government thinks it should cost to relocate to the new location that they have assigned you. Their cost and the cost actually moving cost can be significantly different. More often than not, you are in a position to pocket the balance by using Sky Van Lines of Las Vegas affordable rates to help you move. Contact Sky Van Lines of Las Vegas today to get started!

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