Long Distance Moving Service

Sky Van Lines is the leading authority in moving; assisting locals of Las Vegas and surrounding areas, our vast experience and expertly trained professionals can handle some or all of your relocating. Long distance moving can be a great exciting adventure. But an overwhelming and stressful transition, especially if you are a busy with work and other pressing obligations. With our talented crew members, your precious treasures, priceless antiquities and fine art, delicate electronic, fragile glass, and common daily items are all packaged accordingly in exclusive professional grade materials, cautiously loaded and secured in a specially equipped moving truck, transported safely and unloaded in a timely manner. We are fully licensed and insured to give our valuable customers peace of mind, if disaster strikes, your items will be well taken care of.

Long Distance Relocation

Commercial business owners and residential locals often find themselves packing up and starting a new outside Las Vegas. Whether you are moving across the country or a state or two over, Sky Van Lines has you covered with your moving essentials with affordable rates.

Commercial Long Distance Moving

Commercial businesses that find themselves moving long distances are often in need of professional movers to handle special and delicate pieces of equipment, sensitive files and documents, packing and moving the supplies and furnishings, which can lead to a chaotic mess if not handled by a reputable long distance moving company. Sky Van Lines has the wherewithal to ensure your commercial building’s belongings are methodically and systematically packaged in appropriate crating and boxing. Our skilled professionals load your business’s goods in a specially equipped moving truck to secure and safely transport commercial paraphernalia. After our talented driver gets your things to their new destination, our experienced crew members cautiously unload and unpack your packages.

Residential Long Distance Moving

Las Vegas valley residents can find themselves changing jobs or relocating for a plethora of reasons. Finding the time it takes to properly pack and organize the contents of your home is a difficult task in its self. With Sky Van Lines, our expert crew members can handle as much of the moving process as you like. From strategically organizing your packing, appropriately fitted in boxes, crates or moving blankets, your household items are safe and secure for their long journey. Our moving materials are of professional grade and are durable and provide appropriate protection. Sky Van Lines experienced driver transports your personal possessions to their new home applying protocols and caution to minimize catastrophe and get your things to the new location in a timely manner.

Professional Long Distance Moving in the Las Vegas Valley inc. Summerlin, Henderson, North LV & Boulder City, Nevada

With Sky Van Lines we are top in our industry, with nothing but 100% satisfied customers, our crew and long distances moving services are best used for your commercial business and residential move. With the list of arrangements that need to made prior to moving over long distances, allow Sky Van Lines to lift the heavy burden off your shoulders and do the moving for you. With our experienced and trained professionals doing the work, you can rest easy that your belongings are packed, transported and unpacked with care and courtesy. Call us today to get started!

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