When commercial establishments or residential locals need to move their property to a long distance location, the prospect could be a tad mind-boggling. How to pack valuable products or personal treasure across the way requires diligence and care. Sky Van Lines have been providing such long distance moving services to the people of Las Vegas since 2010.

Residential long distance moving is truly a challenge

A whole home has to be strategically packs, organized and transported to a faraway land. Bumpy roads, unforeseen mishaps, and questionable weather conditions can be a frightful endeavor for those trying to execute such a feat on their own. Fragile goods, personal treasures and high priced possessions need to be cradled in quality moving products, handled with care and transported to their long distance destination in the capable hands of an expert moving crew. Sky Van Lines has the best trained professionals with these attributes and so much more. When you find yourself in the situation of needing to move out of the Las Vegas desert, trust in the long distance moving company that cares about your personal affects.

Commercial businesses may find themselves expanded or moving long distance

Products, merchandise, office equipment, supplies, sensitive documents and everything in between need to be treated with tenderness and diligent. Sky Van Lines has what it takes to ensure your priority commercial paraphernalia gets to the new destination intact, quickly and safely.

Professional Packing Services

Packing can be a difficult undertaking for folks working long hours and have booked schedules. Whether it is for commercial relocating or residential long distance move, we can get the packing done for you. Top quality packing materials are used to ensure your possessions get safely get to the new location. Electronics, fragile belongings, valuable products, personal treasures are carefully wrapped and boxed. Furniture is carefully organized and strategically placed in the moving truck so that it may endure all obstacles on the road. Our experts have been trained by experienced experts to bring our valued customers a professional packing service. Sky Van Lines can quickly and efficiently get your home or business’s belongings meticulously packaged and ready for their long haul.

Fine art & exquisite antiques require special attention when being moved long distance

Our professional moving crew has participated in specialized training to handle, pack and transport fragile and irreplaceable treasures to their intended long distance location. With our quality packing materials, and premium designed moving trucks, fine art and antiques are safe and secured until they are efficiently moved into their new location. Sky Van Lines can get your fine art and antiques properly and efficiently packed up and wrapped for transport. After which, our experts carefully load and methodically organize the delicate valuables in our superior moving trucks, and are then driven by trained and licensed drivers to the new long distance point.

Sky Van Lines are a trustworthy and reputable moving company

We have all the licenses and credentials to be an authentic long distance mover and are highly insured in the event catastrophe strikes. Our Las Vegas customers have been nothing but pleased with our friendly and respectful customer services and top professional moving expertise. Call us today to get started on your long distance move!