Moving Long Distance or Across Country with Pets in Eldorado, NV; How to Transport etc

At Sky Van Lines Moving we love to take care of our customers’ long distance moves. Helping you pack all of your belongings, safely load them into our trucks, and getting you settled in your new city is such a fun experience for us. We come across many people that have pets that they are moving long distance with them. We have some tips for you today on how to make a long distance move as easy as possible with your dog.

Acclimate Your Dog to Help Adjust to Moving

Many dogs are not used to riding in cars. You do not want your dog’s first trip in the car to be your cross country move. If your dog is not used to being in the car you need to acclimate them to being in the car. Start by taking your dog on short trips close to your home. If they are nervous about being in the car you may want to have another person drive so you can sit with them.

Pack Where Your Dog Can’t See You

Some dogs will get freaked out watching you pack all of your stuff. They will see you packing up your house and think that you are leaving them. If your dog seems anxious when you are packing you may want to try packing where your dog can’t see you. This way your dog will not start the drive out on edge.

Stopping to Use Restroom when on Long Trip with Dog

Once you are on the road you will need to take frequent potty break for your dog. Remember it is easier to stop and let them out for a minute than to have to drive in a car that they had an accident in for hours on end.

Plan Walks to Ease Anxiety

Plan to take your dog on a few walks each day that you spend in the car. Being cooped up in a car all day is hard on them. If you do a little homework when you do a rest stop you can find a park with a grassy area where they can get out and run off some energy.

Travel Dog Food & Water Containers

Do not forget to pack food, water, and a bowl for your dog. Just like you will want food and water while you are on your journey, so will they. When you stop for potty breaks make sure that you give your pet food and water.

Update Pet Identification

You will want to make sure that you do not lose your dog while you are moving. When your dog runs off unexpectedly near your home many times your neighbors will know what house they need to be returned to. If you are on the road no one will be familiar with your dog. You will want to make sure that they always have a collar on with up-to-date contact information just in case they get lost. Many people also choose to microchip their dog before a move if they have not already done so.

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Sky Van Lines Moving hopes that these tips help you and your pets have a smooth drive to your new home. Sky Van Lines cannot wait to meet your pets as we help you pack up and move your belongings. Contact us today!