Long Distance Moving Tips & Tricks; De-Clutter Room Checklist & Getting Rid of Unwanted Items BEFORE You Move Across the Country or Out of State!

The long distance move is truly a life changing experience. A new chapter in your book of life will be opening as the last one closes. Packing up your household and transporting them across miles upon miles of road is quite an undertaking and on this particular adventure you want to ensure a safe, stress-free trip. Over the years you have accumulated expensive toys, tokens of sentiment and useless junk. The best way to increase a successful and organized move is to get rid of some of the clutter.

Sky Van Lines share some tips to help you way find ways to reduce the junk before you commit to packing it and taking it on the long journey ahead.

De-Clutter Room by Room Checklist – The best way to begin is to visit each room. Be sure to allow substantial time, so this process isn’t rushed or last minute. Divide the contents of the room in two groups; maybe three for now. The keep section; all your desired belongings you can in no way part with. The second group is for items you wish to sell, recycle, donate or otherwise dispose of. The third group if you chose to do so now is the garbage, although this can be put in the second group if space is an issue. When the moving date is in sight, it could be prudent to pack up the non-essentials during this process as well to help conserve space and help packing day go a little smooth.

How to Get Rid of Items When Moving Across Country or Long Distance Out of State

After each room is completed, hopefully the items you are willing to breakup with is accumulating. At the completion of this task comes to what to do with the load. There several things you can do.
1. Yard sales. If you want to make a few bucks on some novelties and furniture, consider having a yard sale. Be sure to allow enough time to organize and clearly mark each item’s price. If there is quite a bit, stretch it out over a weekend to get more cash in your pocket.
2. Social media networks. Advertise your yard sales on your social media venues to help increase interest. If the yard sale is too time consuming, look to selling profitable items on local internet listings. It never hurts to try and make some extra cash, especially just before a long distance move. Selling the unneeded possessions can help line your pockets and decrease your moving load at once.
3. Donations. For the stuff that couldn’t be sold, or if you don’t want the hassle of selling the goods, donating centers an excellent resource for getting rid of gently used things that people struggling through a rough patch can benefit from.
4. Recycle. In addition to donations, another option would be to send specifics to recycling facilities. Outdated appliances and electronics that just take up space are excellent examples of recycling the junk.
5. Trash it. For the unusable, unrecyclable and unsalable, the garbage heap is where it needs to go.

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A good room of thumb is if you haven’t used something in a 12 month period, you are not going to. Experience the freedom of parting from the stuff you just don’t need to make packing, moving and unpacking go smoother. To help ease the burdens of long distance moving, contact the professionals at Sky Van Lines today to schedule your move and the long distance moving services you desire.

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