How to Pack Glasses, Plates, Dishes & Other Fragile Items for Long Distance Moving in Anthem, NV

When you find yourself moving out of state or long distances, you may have many things about the move on your mind. One common concern for many homeowners is their fragile items. Glass and other similar materials can break from pressure, weight, and collision. When packing fragile items there is a method to help prevent damaging your glassware and other fragile items. Sky Van Lines Moving will share how to prepare glass and other breakable items for long distance moves to ensure they make it through the long journey.

Use the Right Moving Boxes

For glass and other fragile items, as a moving service it is often recommended to use “cell boxes.” Cell boxes have dividers inside the box and often have two or more outer layers of cardboard for additional protection. The divider helps prevent glass items, such as plates, from clanking against each other which can cause chips or breakage during a long drive. Cell boxes are designed for a number of fragile items from glass plates, cups and knickknacks. When you want your glass items to make it to your new home, cell boxes are the way to go.

Wrap Glasses Separately when Packing

When wrapping your glass items we recommend first wrapping them with moving paper wrap. Avoid newspaper as the ink can stain the glass. After wrapping the items with paper, then wrap them again with bubble wrap. You want the items to fit tight in the cell boxes to prevent too much moving around. Make sure to tape the bubble wrap so the wrapping don’t come loose during the move.

Use Extra Paper & Padding when Packing Glass

Again you want the glass items to fit semi-tight in their own cell in the cell boxes. You don’t have to use up all your bubble wrap. Instead you can add additional padding. You can use wash clothes or even clothing such as socks and t-shirts. You just need them tight enough to prevent the items from shifting around.

Moving Box Labels

After you are done filling the cell box you will want to secure it so it doesn’t open and the contents fall out. When taping the box closed, make sure to go across the top and down the middle on both sides. Make sure to use quality tape. During the long drive the heat can cause the adhesive to weaken and the lid of the box can pop open. After securing the boxes you will want to label the box. Make sure to write “Fragile” on the top and sides of the boxes. You may want to mark basic contents as a well as what room they go in to make unloading easier. However, it is important to mark fragile on the boxes to ensure they are loaded correctly for the move.

Loading & Storage of Fragile Moving Boxes & Containers

When loading you should load these fragile items last. Make sure to always have your fragile items on top and secured in place with moving straps. If you are using a professional moving service to help load and unload, they will often know which way is the safest way to pack and store your fragile items. However, along with labeling the boxes, communicate what items are fragile.

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When moving long distances, you don’t need to stress about your glass and fragile item. Use the right packing methods and they will be safe. For quality long distance moving services, contact Sky Van Lines Moving today.