How to Pack for a Long Distance, Out of State Move Checklist in Las Vegas NV; What to Pack First When Moving

Moving into a new home can be quite exciting and some new homeowners are so excited to get out of their old place and into their new one that they almost blindly begin tossing random belongings into boxes and bags. While saving time and getting the job done quickly is productive, this same goal will not be as easily accomplished when it comes to unloading your possessions at your new home, especially if you have no idea what box you put your clothes in or your electronic devices or your kitchen utensils. Taking the time to pack properly will not only make moving into the new place a lot easier, but your entire moving experience will be much smoother. Contact Sky Lines Moving for all your long distance moving and relocation needs!

Avoid Waiting Until the Last Minute to Begin Packing & Moving

We all know that time is precious, especially when you are preparing to move long distance. There are many loose ends that need to be tied up when moving a great distance; making sure the kids school records are in hand, finishing up at the old job as best as you can, cleaning the old house so you can get that deposit back and many other items on your checklist. These chores can take a great deal of your time and leave packing as an afterthought. One of the best moving habits to get into is to pack a few boxes every day a few weeks prior to your move. Make sure that the items you are packing will not be needed in the next few weeks while you are packing up the home. When you pace yourself, you will find that you’ll be more organized and less likely to forget any important tasks that must be done before you leave town.

Packing Room by Room will Prevent Confusion at your New Destination After You Relocate

A great way to pack for your long distance move is to take the time to pack each room individually. When you pack on a room by room basis, you are less likely to mix items within the house and unpacking will be so much easier. Unpacking at the new house will feel less stressful as your boxes are marked “kitchen”, “bathroom” or “kids room”. You will thank yourself later when you are unloading the boxes into the appropriate rooms rather than guessing where a certain item is that you need when you arrive at your new destination.

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