How to Pack for a Long Distance Move; Utilize Moving Supplies such as Custom Crates, Blankets, Boxes & Bubblewrap

What Packaging Materials are Used to Pack My House Up Safely for a Long Move?

If you have bought a new house or are relocating to a new state for work, you have to pack you the house you are living in and move it to your new home. This can be a real pain for most people since the space needed to move an entire house a long distance is fairly substantial. Even if you go through your home and get rid of all the items that are not necessary, there are still quite a lot of personal items that have to move with you. Unless you own your own moving truck or large trailer, you are going to need to hire a long distance moving company that can come out and pack your house and move to your new location. This can add a new level of anxiety to an already stressful moment in life. Hiring the right company and making sure that they are using the right tools to be sure that your personal belongings make it to your new house safe and sound. Make sure that when you hire a professional mover you ask about their rates, packing process and window for delivery. These will help you determine which company is right for you.

Sky Van Lines Offers Secure Packing by Using Blankets, Boxes, Paper & Bubble Wrap to Ensure Your Items Arrive Safe After Your Big Move

Custom Moving Crates: For items that are fragile, Sky Van Lines recommends custom crating to prepare your valueables for safe shipping to your new home. In other cases, we recommend building custom crates to prevent heavy or sharp items from damaging your other items on our moving trucks. Custom built crates add an extra layer of protection to special items!
Moving Blankets: A good mover such as Sky Van Lines will come to your home during the window in which they arranged with you. We will also bring with us packaging items that will help to secure your personal items. One of these security items are blankets. This is the best way to cover all your larger items so that they are not being scratched or damaged as they are being moved in the truck and unloaded into your new house. We can tape these large blankets to your mirrors, bedroom furniture and more.
Moving Boxes & Packing Paper: This is what is used most often when packing your items. Boxes come in all sorts of sizes and can be used to pack all your goods such as kitchen dishes, laundry, books and more. Many items such as statues and knick knacks will be wrapped in paper before they are placed in a box and labeled. The box is also taped shut and closed on the bottom to be sure that it is secure during the move.
Bubble Wrap Moving Supplies: This is an item that is used when there are items that are being packed that are fragile. This can be cups, plates, china, frames and any other item that can break easily. The bubble wrap is used to secure the item so that it makes it all in one piece to your residence.

If you are ready to move long distance, call Sky Van Lines in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson & Boulder City, Nevada.

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