Best Way to Pack for an Organized Move to a New House; Checklist for Where to Start When Packing & Moving Your Belongings in Summerlin Las Vegas NV

Moving to a new home can be a time consuming and tedious task, especially if there is an abundant amount of stuff. But there is always a worry the fragile items may not get to their new home without hardship. Ensuring your home is properly packed is essential for a pleasant moving experience. There are many things you can do to keep your treasures in one piece or without blemishes, and many things to avoid.

Sky Van Lines offer some tips when moving your personal property that is fragile, sensitive and pricey.

Pre-packing tips for moving: Before we get into the actual packing tips, we would like offer some advice that you can do prior to packing the boxes.
– If you plan to do the packing yourself instead of taking advantage of professional packing, it is important you do not skimp on the quality of packing materials. Using the previously used boxes from a local grocery store is fine for things that don’t necessarily need added protection. Clothes, stuffed toys, and unbreakable items of that nature are suitable for the hand-me-down boxes. For your electronic equipment, dishes, and other delicate items, invest in sturdy moving boxes. Utilize premium quality bubble wrap and packing paper to secure your fragile possessions.
– Take the time before getting packed to downsize. Eliminating some of the work is always beneficial. Throw away the trash, recycling what you can. Donate the things you do not want or need to the appropriate facilities. Remember, if you haven’t used it in a 12 month period, you are not going to.

Moving Packing tips:
1. Box size variety. Use the right box for your stuff. Heavy items, like books for example, should be packed in smaller boxes to avoid resulting in boxes that are too heavy to handle. Bigger boxers should contain linens and pillows, leaving the larger boxes easier to manage with lighter weight contents.
2. Fill the moving box. Fill the boxes to capacity. When leaving excessive room in boxes, they can be easily crushed and the stuff inside can be damaged. Fill each box with organized strategy to keep the box full. If necessary, fill in the gaps with paper, clothing, linens or other fabrics to keep it tight.
3. Stacking boxes. When stacking up boxes to be moved, or even in the vehicle, keep the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top.
4. Organized moving plan. When filling your boxes, avoid the chaos of filling one box with multiple room subjects. For example, don’t fill a box with silverware and cups with some bathroom toiletries and living room knick-knacks. Keep one box to one room and fill it up. Label each box, in big print scrawl the room the box belongs to, and for added simplicity when unpacking, label the general contents, or be specific if it makes it easier on you.
5. Bundle items to be moved. For plates, cups and bowls, bundle them up. Wrap individual pieces, and then wrap a manageable bundle together to keep it tightly packed. Be sure every box is adequately taped so the box doesn’t fall apart.
6. Crate TVs. If TVs do not have original packaging, have moving company use a crate to keep it upright and undamaged. If you are moving it, wrap it in a moving blanket and placed tightly in a box, and then package the box in another tightly filled box, using paper if necessary.

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Always keep valuable and delicate items properly cared for and well protected, consider investing a professional mover for those items if you prefer to do the moving yourself. Use moving blankets on furnishings to ensure they remain intact. Sky Van Lines have been providing moving services to the Las Vegas locals for quite some time. Instead of breaking your back and trying to fit it in with a busy schedule, call the professionals to do it for. We at Sky Van Lines have trained experts ready to provide you with moving services. Call us today!

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