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Moving Services in North Las Vegas, NV; On Site Estimates, Packing, Unpacking, Storage, Crating & More

Moving companies have many services on their menu, some may surprise consumers, unintentionally. The moving services are designed to help busy movers, the physically incapable, and those that simply want to be as involved as little as possible and some may not even know some are available. We at Sky Van Lines Moving would like…

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Tips for Packing Lawn Equipment, Garden Tools & Yard Supplies for a Long Distance Move from Lone Mountain Village, NV

At first, packing may seem like a simple task. When you realize the extent of the stuff inside your home, it may be overwhelming, particularly when you consider your yard and garden supplies. It may be simpler to donate or give away these items as you prepare for a long distance move. However, for those…

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Benefits of Using Custom Crates when Packing Large, Fragile Items for a Long Distance Move from Summerlin North, NV

With packing and transport, when it comes to moving there are many items that require special care such as furniture, expensive and priceless art pieces and even electronics. It can be a real horror story for the owners when the furniture got damaged during the move or the art transportation. During a move as these…

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Glossary of Moving Terms in Summerlin South, NV; Interstate Move, Bill of Lading, Full Service Mover & More

Some of the terms associated with the moving process can be unfamiliar for those that don’t work on moves every day. To help clarify some common terms in the moving industry and make your move easier, we at Sky Van Lines Moving created a helpful moving glossary below. Mover Lingo & Terminology Accessorial moving charges:…

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