Advantages of Using Custom Wooden Crates when Moving Long Distance in Boulder City, NV

Long distance moves can make any homeowner worry. There is so much time and distance in which your valuables can get damaged. For those with antiques, expensive art pieces, or a grand piano, you may wonder if your items will make it to your new home intact. Packing larger items that are odd shaped can be tricky, especially when they are irreplaceable and worth a fortune. When you find yourself in this situation, consider seeking a custom crating service. Some moving companies provide custom crates that help provide a sturdy exterior, and hold the item in a safe position. Essentially they can help ensure that fragile item makes it to their destination safely. Sky Van Lines Moving will share the benefits of custom crates and when it is you should use crates to protect your valuables.

Secure Item Before Crating

When a moving service is asked to create a custom crate for certain items, a lot of consideration goes into protecting the fragile items. They don’t just crate a wooden box around an item and hope for the best. Instead, they will first wrap the item with moving blankets, or bubble wrap to provide extra padding. When a mover builds a crate they build the crate to fit the item tightly. If there is any wiggle room, it can damage the piece. Therefore, they secure the item to make sure it won’t wiggle inside the crate. Once the piece is encased, the item won’t move on the inside and the outside is now protected as well from outer elements and possible impact damage. Crates offer protection to the item inside and this is the primary benefit.

Crate Containers are Easy to Load & Unload

With the item inside is well protected, the crate adds more benefit during loading and unloading. When a fragile and expensive piece is to be moved it can be complicated to load and unload it, providing a solid structure where it can be loaded with ease. A loader can easily lift, load and unload heavy fragile items when they are crated. The mover can grab and lift the items without making any direct contact. With better weight distribution the items inside won’t take any of the weight from a single source which for some items can severely damage them. While crates make it easier to load and unload it removes the stress of damaging the items which benefits both mover and owner.

What to Put in a Crate when Moving

What to use crates for? Anything you wish. However crates are well worth the investment for those irreplaceable items such as antiques, art pieces and family heirlooms. Delicate things can also be crated to ensure they are not damaged during the move. Pictures and mirrors are also common items that are crated. Some homeowners prefer to crate appliances as well to help secure them better. Appliances can be hard to strap down and difficult to load and unload. A crate provides a strong structure for a loader to lift the appliance with better ease, making appliances easier to move.

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There are a number items that can be crated. It will be up to the homeowner to determine what they wish to have crated. However, crates are very beneficial in many ways. Sky Van Lines Moving offer custom crate services and can help you during a long distance move. For quality long distance movers with custom crating, and storage services, contact Sky Van Lines Moving and schedule our services today.